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Auto-Dial with RPC Calls

Life on the job, what a mess it can be at times! Spilled coffee cups, pyramids of mounting papers, and high blood pressure are just a few of the things we encounter at our jobs on a regular basis. There never seems to be enough time to do everything, while too much time is spent pondering and worrying. Apps Communications is no stranger to our hectic days at work and now offers auto dial with RPC calls to help you take the load off a bit.

Auto dial with RPC calls, from Apps Communications, allows you to click on a phone number through your PC, and the system will automatically dial the digits for you. This feature is becoming popular among large-scale corporations and has already implanted its status with small-business owners and employees.

The auto dial with RPC calls feature gives telemarketers the opportunity to take control over their phones. Many businesses are set up to overwhelm a telemarketer with numerous phone calls that flood in one right after another. Employers feel the more calls an employee can receive, the higher the net return when it comes to selling products over the phone. This is not always the case. Employees do tire, and with no time to process the abundance of information coming and going, their brains may not perform as well on the next phone call that they receive from a customer. Many auto dial features in these settings process one call, and then dials the next number as soon as you hang up. Apps Communications’ auto dial with RPC calls takes away this overwhelming feeling by allowing you to go on to the next call when you are ready. This leaves the employee more time to process the necessary paperwork it takes in order to complete a sale. Employees do not feel rushed or pressured to move on as quick, thus customer service will remain at a high-level for every future call.

Apps Communications’ auto dial with RPC calls is a great tool for outbound telemarketing. Employees will be able to dial the next customer’s phone number themselves without the impending “phone god” pushing buttons as soon as we hang up with the client. Auto dial with RPC calls allows telemarketers or other employees who are required to frequently use the phone to multitask at work. Employees are given the advantage of being able to wear a headset with this feature and not have to pick up the telephone every time they need to make a call. They can just click the phone number on the PC and auto dial with RPC calls will do the rest.

Work is tough enough without the added hassle of a bad phone system. The people at Apps Communications are working hard to give you the highest degree of satisfaction with your telephone service. Auto dial with RPC calls is just one of a plethora of services we offer to make life on the job as convenient as possible.

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