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Website Hosting, Chicago

Website hosting Chicago

Apps Communications provides the highest-quality website hosting for Chicago and surrounding business along with website development and e-commerce products.

Important facts for quality website hosting in Chicago:

  • Website Hosting Packages are available starting as low as $15 per month.
  • Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery procedures are in place to ensure quality data control and system dependability.
  • Security and Privacy protocols are in place to ensure that data is confidential.

"Quality Up-Time"

  • We regulate our server usage to run at less than 35% capacity during peak hours.
    This ensures that our clients' website will not be fighting each other for bandwidth.

Website Hosting Technical Support

  • Non-emergency technical support is available 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST at 800-861-0540.
  • Emergency technical support is available 24x7 at 800-861-0540 at ext. 60.

Website Data Backup Procedures

  • All database servers are equipped with Level 5 Raid; data is stored on no less then three hard drives at all times.
  • Database backups are performed every 4 hours.
  • Every 24 hours, tape backups of hosted websites are produced, and data from these websites is recorded and moved offsite.

Disaster Recovery

  • Apps Communications maintains technicians 24x7 to monitor and maintain systems.
  • Replacement parts and servers are maintained in the event of server failure.
  • Onsite generators ensure uptime of systems in the event of a power outage.
  • In the event of a catastrophic occurrence at the main location, Apps Communications maintains secondary locations. Secondary locations and systems will be on-line within 24 to 48 hours of such an event.

Website Security

  • All data servers will be secured using a Cisco Firewall with limited access.
  • E-Commerce data transfers across the Internet will be secured using VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 256Bit Encryption Certificates.
  • E-Commerce data stored on servers will be encrypted before it is stored.

Privacy Polices

  • All Apps Communication personnel with access to data servers and/or system administration privileges will have background checks performed prior to accessing the system.
  • No information will be released pertaining to Apps Communications' clients without written permission from the client.


  • Website hosting clients have full access to the many pre-built CGI Scripts available in our Client Center, along with many other web tools.

    Our Chicago website hosting servers are state-of-the-art, offering and supporting these features:

Secure Server
ASP (Active Server Pages)
SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
NT Platform
Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
SQL Database
Access Database

Streaming Media
Shopping Carts
E-Mail Forms
Digital Signatures
Traffic Log Reports
Live Stats
Server Rentals & Leasing

Apps Communication provides website hosting for Chicago and surrounding cities.

Apps, a Chicago website hosting company, is dedicated to website hosting and understands these services are a serious business and should be handled by professional website developers.

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