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Asterisk Professionals on staff

AppsCommunications manages and supports many Asterisk systems with a wide range of custom configurations. We have certified Asterisk Professionals on staff 24x7 with phone support or on site support for maintance contract customers. Apps Coomunications has lab tested many of the latest devices enabling us to properly consult our clients when selecting devices to intergraded with Asterisk phone systems. We offer remote support nationwide and onsite Asterisk support in the Chicagoland. Per hour support is available (Must be pre paid for new customers) or an Asterisk Support Contract with 24x7 800 number hotline at a reduced hourly rate. Call for details. Apps Communications services a wide range of clients. With cutting edge communications solutions that enable our customers to reach, track and communicate better with employees, customers and marketing efforts. Apps Communications has been in business for over 11 years and boosts one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. We believe in putting the customer’s needs first. Our philosophy has always been what is best for the customer ultimately is the best for Apps Communications.

AppsTel Call Queing

Now there is a way to prevent calls from being dropped when your agents are occupied with other customers and also prevent new callers from receiving a busy signal, Apps Communications offers a call queuing feature that will allow an unlimited number of callers to wait for an available sales representative or for resources to become accessible to assist them. This will allow you to provide each customer with the same quality service. In addition, it ensures your customers won’t end up in voicemail, which can be a deal killer or result in the caller hanging up the telephone. Apps Communications is dedicated to providing relevant phone system solutions for their customers. Call queuing is one of the standard features offered with our VOIP telephone system. With this service you can ensure that your customers will always have the opportunity to speak to a live operator rather than being required to leave a voicemail. It is a fact of nature that most individuals calling a business for information will not leave a voicemail, and the majority of these callers will not try contacting the organization at another time. This service works in conjunction with your existing hold music to provide vital information to your caller regarding how many calls are ahead of them and what their estimated wait time will be. Customers always appreciate it when you take their time into consideration and will show their admiration with loyalty to your company. By providing the delay time to your clients on hold they are better able to determine if their schedule allows them to continue waiting or if they need to call back at a more convenient time. In fact, most companies have discovered that they can convert their customer’s hold time into a positive opportunity to sell their services and products or inform their clients about any specials that are currently underway. By mixing a combination of informative sales pitches, estimated wait times, and soothing music, both you and your customers will get the most out of their time spent on hold. Your clients will have a more positive experience, and you will benefit from increased sales thanks to your targeted hold music. Apps Communications has also provided your clients with the opportunity to exit out of call queuing and leave one of your agents a message through a general mail box, a group mail box or your company directory. This added feature puts the client in control of their destiny. Just like all of Apps Communications’ features, call queuing is user-friendly and offers web based menu access to easily set-up or adjust your requirements. For instance, call queuing can easily be switched on or off to fit your needs. Apps Communications is committed to providing you with extraordinary customer service. This includes offering you new innovative ways to improve the services you make available to your clients. We are available twenty-four hours a day to answer any questions that might come up, or offer new solutions to improve business practices.

AppsTel Add-On Features

Available add-on Features. Who's Calling - The AppsTel Call Capture Feature is tied to one of the World’s leading providers of phone capture information. All un-identified numbers are transmitted to the data center and within seconds this information is sent back to the CRM along with the normal call log information. (Date, who answered the call, and beginning and ending times of the call). The AppsTel System also provides reports on un-identified calls Web Tracking - This is not a standard feature but can be built in. Track where people on going on the web. (Requires bigger server) Content Filtering - This is not a standard white list content filter that allow you to set by groups or individual accounts were you can specify where each person can go on the web (requires bigger server) Recorded Call Log - Record all calls and archive them on the system for review (requires bigger server) Auto Dial with RPC calls – allow you to click on a phone number on your PC and the system will dial the number. Sale Tracker - Tracks income calls by number. This allows users to assign specific business phone numbers to advertisements and track number of incoming calls. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports are available; these reports display number of calls, times, dates and callers names when available. This information can be handed back to CRM applications for cross referencing sales and tracking advertising dollars. The system can also export CSV files via the web interface.

AppsTel Optional Reports

Optional Reports Availability/Time Clock - the system compares the time users are signed in with their schedule. Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports are available; reports can be broken down by users, departments or total company. Finger Print or Key Phob sign-in is available. Usage - Shows the number of hours users have used the phone. Who's Calling/ Sale Tracker - this section generates reports based on information setup in the Sale Tracker Center of the system. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports are available showing the numbers of calls coming in to a specific number, caller information (if available), date, time, length of call, and who answered or if it was dropped. This information is also sent to the CRM application. Call Details - this report shows the number of dropped calls with the time they were on hold. Hold times on all calls with averages by users and departments. Percentages for calls send to voice mail V.S. answered calls by users and department. Voice Mail Usage - this report show the number of time users check voice mail, the average time voice mail stays in system before being retrieved, and the number of voice mail messages in each users box at the time the report is run. Billing Reports - these reports are available in Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports broken down by users, departments or total company. Global Report - allows administrators to setup a custom report incorporating any or all of listed reports. This allows Administrators to quickly run their favorite reports in minutes.

AppsTel Advanced Features

Advanced Features WiFi – Cell phones and portable phones with wireless capability can be connected through the phone system, placing calls on the LAN lines. Programmable buttons – Phone feature buttons can me programmed with most options listed. VoIP enabled – VoIP enabled system SIP compatible. Remote location capability – Remote office can use the same system allowing call transfer, paging, and call forward all as if the users were located in the same location. (Restrictions on E-911) Web Directories – the web enabled system allow users to lookup general information via a web browser, extension numbers, schedules, etc. (some customization may be necessary at an additional cost). Targeted hold music - MP3 recordings can be added to the system. Voice Mail Groups – Allows incoming messages to a department to be distributed to 1 or many people. Directory Listings – Allows callers to Search for people by name. Night Service - Separate night menus with hour’s settings per day. Data Pull Settings - XML exports of call logs. Conference calls – The system has 2 setups for conference calls; Incoming calls - can be transferred to an extension. An unlimited amount of callers can be added to 1 conference. The quality of the calls is not diminished. DID Number Conference – This allows you to setup a dedicated number. You can setup mutable rooms with passwords. Callers will be prompted for a room number and password to enter the conference. Password login - Password can be setup so each person needs to type in a password before using a phone. Reports can be generated to view usage. Sale Tracker -Allow you to track what number is being call, so if you assign DID number to advertising you can track the number of call to that number. This can also be setup to quire a national database and it we can then tell you who the calls were from including unpublished numbers and cell phones. VoIP Mobility - We can ring any number of phones external or internal simultaneously, the phone that pickups first gets the call. This is useful if you want your cell to ring is a call is transferred to your extension while you are out. This feature is also nice for after hour’s tech support, we use it here. If a support call comes in it rings a three people who are on call at one time. Customer Profile Launch (CRM Integration Tool) - When tied to the national database we can hand off an XML data file within seconds of the call coming in. This file can be used to launch a screen at the person’s desk that picked up the call. VoIP Mobility - The AppsTel system has the ability for normal wireless phones to connect to the VoIP phone system. This is a great feature for user that works outdoors or in areas there are not phones.

AppsTel Voice Messages & Notifications

Voice Messages & Notifications Voice Mail - boxes are unlimited in the system and and offer standard Save, forward and delete features. Notifications – Multiple Greetings you can setup one general message, or select the advanced feature from the web interface that will allow you to setup schedules with custom notifications Users can pre-build custom messages that play when they are away from their desk. When logging off the system the user will be prompted to select from the list of pre-built recording. Example pre-build options; Out to Lunch Day Off Sick (Can be activated by administers and/or receptionists). In a Meeting On Vacation Out for the Day After Hours Text Message Notifications – The system can send text messages when voice mail is left in your box. Unified Messaging - E-mails Voice messages in WAV file format to your e-mail account. Do not disturb – Allows user to place phone on Do-not-disturb with the push of a button. Speed Dial – Speed dial numbers can be setup on phone button in place of other features. Message waiting notification – Phone have message waiting notifications letting you know you have voice mail.

AppsTel Telephone System Features

Standard Features Automated IVR Menus - Auto attendant menus with multi-levels. Call Transferring – Transfer calls from one extension to another. Park calls – Ability to park calls and page with the location of the call. Place calls on hold – Hold button on phones allow used to put calls on hold. Call Forwarding – Forward call to other extension, phones or voicemail. Overhead Paging – Paging button allow you to page on an overhead system and well as speakers in phones. Call Queuing – Letting the people on-hold know how people are holding in front of them with estimated wait times. Black list calling – Allows you to add phone numbers to a black list using a web interface. You can terminate the calls or send them directly to voice mail. Inbound call direction – by using DID numbers or the black list features calls can be directed to stations or voice mail boxes.

VoIP QOS (Quality of Service)

So you are thinking about telling the local phone company to take a hike, and switching to VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, but you are worried about the quality of service. Well you should be. Unlike the local phone company, VoIP is unregulated by the FCC. Don’t let this scare you, all you need is some sound information, and you can kiss the phone company, goodbye. The whole Story

Teledata Networks Selects Octasic for Cooperation in NGN VoIP Solutions

Amsterdam and Montreal, QC- October 11, 2005: Teledata Networks, a leading global provider of innovative access products and Next Generation Network (NGN) solutions for telecom operators and service providers, announced today its technological cooperation with Octasic for development of Next Generation Network VoIP capabilities. This cooperation is based on Teledata Networks' BroadAccess and HighPGate Multiservice Access Gateways (MSAGs), containing Octasic Semiconductor?s advanced OCT9360, one of the major building blocks in Teledata Networks' integrated Media Gateway card.

Group Makes a Strong Commitment to Cutting Edge Technology With VoIP Protocol

Aegis Communications Group, Inc. , a worldwide transaction-based business process outsourcing Company that enables clients to make customer contact programs more profitable and drive efficiency in back office processes, announced earlier today that it is proceeding with the implementation of a new technology platform with VoIP protocol through an equipment leasing agreement established on September 1, 2005.

AT&T says it's solved E-911 problem

The problem: VoIP users who call 911 from hotels and other remote sites sometimes can't be found by 911 operators. That's because the correct locations of these "nomadic" users don't show up on operators' screens

The song A Million Little Pieces

The song A Million Little Pieces written by Paul Strolia, which was inspired by the book "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey has just been released. The book is currently being featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, as part of her book club. The song and lyrics and story behind the song can be listened to at http://www.psfanclub.com/AMillionLittlePieces.htm The book is a number 1 seller in the country.. The book will be adapted for film by Brad Pitt's production company Plan B and Warner Bros. Pictures and will be directed by Laurence Dunmore.

Google confirms WiFi service beta

Yesterday the 'Net was all atwitter over rumors of Google testing a Wi-Fi service. And late yesterday the Mothership confirmed it's betaing Google WiFi, currently available to the public near...Click for more

VoIP mainstream in businesses by 2008

Voice over IP is set to hit the big time in enterprises, according to one analyst.

Speaking at the VoIP for Business conference in London today, Peter Hall, research director at Ovum, said: "IP telephony has reached the mainstream. The technology is robust. The number of vendors is considerable. The business case is becoming more sophisticated." Click for more

Toshiba set to combine Wi-Fi and VoIP

Toshiba is expected to soon launch a Wi-Fi voice-over-IP product portfolio aimed at bringing converged voice/data applications to laptops and PDAs in large organizations. Toshiba's Media Communication System (MCS) product family includes server and appliance hardware for deploying PBX/VoIP integration and wireless authentication, quality of service (QoS) and roaming in a company with an existing Ethernet LAN and 802.11 infrastructure. The system could be used to add Toshiba-based softphone clients to an existing PBX network, while letting clients access converged wireless applications, Toshiba says. Click for more

New SIP and H323 Tools

For those charges with managing and maintaining an IP voice and/or video network, Delta Protocol Test Solutions has released a new suite of software tools for testing and monitoring H.323 and SIP performance. The suite includes upgraded versions of WinSIP, Win323Gen and the new Win323Mon application. WinSIP and Win323Gen are call generation tools for testing network capacity. Win323Mon is a real-time monitoring tool for voice and video protocols. All three products are priced under $15,000.

Ebay agrees to purchase Skype for 1.3 Billion dollars.

Skype is a peer-topeer VoIP provided

Explore Earth from the Heavens

Google Earth, satellite views that allow you to zoom in on any location.

Google Gmail

Gmail A Google approach to email

Google up to date news

View current events at http://new.google.com

Attention ISP's (Internet Service Providers) signup new customer by become a TSP (Telecommunications Provider)

VoIP Provider here is a solution you our VoIP needs.

A simple wholesale solution for VoIP Providers.

The major problem in the VoIP service industry is the client’s company telephone systems cannot handle a VoIP transfer. Problem solved! Apps Communications has solved this problem by creating a system that will convert the VoIP service to a POTS, T1, or PRI, depending on clients’ telephone system. Once completed, simply install your VoIP system and the client is ready to save money and gain all the benefits of VoIP.

App Communications works with its VoIP Providers and has built in additional features that VoIP Providers can incorporate in their VoIP Solution package.

  • Who's calling features?
  • Record inbound calls for review.
  • CRM integration.
  • Sales Tracker – generates reports on incoming calls based on the number that is used. This allows clients to assign
  • DID numbers to advertising and track results.

  • Attention ISP's (Internet Service Providers) signup new customer by become a TSP (Telecommunications Provider)

    It is our intent to help you transform your company from an ISP to a TSP.

    Not too often does the opportunity arise where you can add an additional revenue source to your business without incurring new costs. This is one of those times.

    For more information, call 800-861-0540 and ask for Dave.

    Apps Communications is pleased to announce the launch of its VoIP wholesale services. Our wholesale VoIP services are designed to help ISPs enter into the voice services arena. VoIP is the natural evolution for ISPs. The problem for most ISPs has been they are unable to meet minimum commitments needed to qualify for competitive pricing.

    dCAP: Digium Certified Asterisk Professional

    Digium Certified Asterisk Professional dCAP, Digium Certified Asterisk Professional, is a verification of knowledge of Asterisk. The certification covers a specific released, stable version of Asterisk.

    To become a Digium Certified Asterisk Professional, candidates pass a 150 question exam and a practical examination that includes building and configuring an actual PBX. Certification is given under license from Digium.

    dCAP membership have priority access to Digium technical support and have the right to use the Digium and dCAP logos on your web site. Unlike many "paper" certifications, dCAP provides members with valuable services while providing customers with assurance that their Asterisk consultant is fully qualified

    AppsTel Phone System with CRM integration

    AppsTel, Apps Communications' VoIP telephone system, is a fully-featured phone system that allows smooth, quick, and easy integration with CRM applications via TCIP (Transit Communications Interface Profiles) connections for both LAN and WAN systems. The VoIP telephone system can be used as a stand-alone VoIP phone switch or in conjunction with your existing telephone system. When used with your existing telephone system, the cost of implementation can be greatly reduced (some restrictions do apply).

    VoIP Phone System
    Stand Alone Phone System with PRI,T1, or POTS voice service.
    This diagram displays a Stand Alone VoIP phone system with conventional voice services, T1, PRI, or POTS lines. Existing networks can be utilizing, but require a QoS ( Quality of Service ) switch. CRM phone integration VoIP Phone System Stand Alone Phone System with VoIP voice service.
    This diagram displays a Stand Alone VoIP phone system utilizing the Internet for a carrier services. Existing networks can be utilizing, but require a QoS switches. CRM phone integration

    Custom Websites by Apps Communications

    If you are looking to establish an online presence for your company, look no further. Apps Communications is your one-stop solution for custom website designs, graphics, website development & programming, search engine optimization, and social networking. For over 15 years, we've specialized in providing completely customized website solutions from start to finish for chicago area businesses and nationwide clients alike.

    VoIP Telephone System, The solution to your telephone needs.

    VoIP (Voice-Over-Internet Protocol) was designed to transmit data, images, and voice communication throughout the Internet, reducing long-distance telephone charges and saving you money. Our VoIP telephone system offers the same features as your standard PBX phone system, plus more.

    AppsTel, Apps Communications' VoIP telephone system, is a fully-featured phone system that allows smooth, quick, and easy integration with CRM applications via TCIP (Transit Communications Interface Profiles) connections for both LAN and WAN systems. The VoIP telephone system can be used as a stand-alone VoIP phone switch or in conjunction with your existing telephone system. When used with your existing telephone system, the cost of implementation can be greatly reduced (some restrictions do apply).

    The VoIP telephone system has both administrator and user browser-based interfaces. The interfaces allow quick and easy customizing of users' personal settings, along with administrator reports. Administrators have access to a number of telephone reports, including Call Tracking, Phone Usage, Availability, and Check-in and out times.

    VoIP Telephone System Options:

    Stand Alone VoIP Telephone System with PRI, T1, or POTS voice service
    Telephone System with VoIP voice service
    Integrated with Other Systems with PRI, T1, or POTS voice service
    VoIP Telephone System Features

    VoIP Telephone System for CRM Applications Integration

    Prime commercial location in Mokena, IL

    If you're looking for a furnished office to sublease at a prime commercial location in Mokena, IL, call Midway III Development, LLC @ (708)906-2539 and ask for Terry Germany. This spacious, furnished office features a large window AND a skylight that allow a great deal of natural light into the office, thereby creating a comfortable working environment. Extra large filing cabinets are included with the executive style desk and high-back leather chair..ALL at NO extra charge!!! Internet access, copier/fax/color printer usage, and a separate phone line..are available on-site!! Don't miss this perfect opportunity to move right in and "hit the ground running" with a seamless transition from your prior/current office setting. CALL TODAY...we're now offering $500 worth of gasoline with a minimum 1 year sublease!! Let me know when and where to find it on the internet!! Best Regards, Steve Hussey

    Smith & Wollensky

    The Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group develops, owns and operates high-end, high-volume restaurants in major cities across the United States. The original Smith & Wollensky, a traditional New York steakhouse, opened in 1977 and is currently the largest-grossing a la carte restaurant in the country. Since its inception, the company has grown to include 16 restaurants, including Smith & Wollensky in Miami Beach, Chicago, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Columbus, Ohio, New York, Dallas, Houston, and Boston. SWRG also operates five other restaurants in New York including Cite, Maloney & Porcelli, Manhattan Ocean Club, Park Avenue Cafe, and The Post House.

    American Paywise Credit Card Processing

    Merchant payment processing made easy, efficient and cost competitive. American Paywise Corporation processes credit cards, debit cards, gift/tender cards and electronic check conversion transactions for merchants across the United States.


    New Home to Classic Horror, Sci-Fi and Film Noir CHICAGO, ILL. (2005) – MPI Media Group has announced the launch of Dark Sky Films, a new home video label devoted to a variety of rare theatrical titles. The Dark Sky catalog will include a mix of American, European and Japanese films from the horror, film noir, sci-fi, thriller and mystery genres, dating from the 1950s to the present. The first Dark Sky release will be The Manson Family, director Jim VanBebber’s controversial examination of the events leading up to the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders. The Manson Family will debut on April 26, 2005. “Fans of underground movies will find their favorites resurrected on the Dark Sky Films label,” said Malik B. Ali, the chief operating officer of MPI Media Group. “This brand promises to unleash the cinema that lurks beneath the surface.” Dark Sky Films will offer movies are slightly out of the mainstream, yet enjoy a devoted and loyal audience. In addition, Dark Sky will reissue classic horror boxed sets and double features. The much-anticipated titles that will be released on the label include Magic, a disturbing psychological thriller based on a novel by Stephen King; the film was written by William Goldman and directed by David Attenborough, and it stars Anthony Hopkins in a stunning tour-de-force as a tormented ventriloquist. Another upcoming Dark Sky release is the critically acclaimed Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, which will be re-issued in a two-DVD boxed set with a new high definition transfer and digitally restored soundtrack as well as deleted scenes and documentaries including The Making of Henry, featuring the original cast and crew. Dark Sky Films is a division of the MPI Media Group, a leading independent producer and distributor of original programming for global broadcast and home video markets. For almost 30 years, MPI Home Video has been known for quality TV favorites, feature films and documentaries. MPI is parent company to the WPA Film Library, one of the largest and most unique stock footage archives in the United States. For more information, visit http://www.darkskyfilms.com

    Skyway Chevrolet

    Southeast Chicago's #1 place to go for great deals on new and used cars. We are under new ownership and customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority. Come visit our remodeled Service Department for your car service needs.

    Unicorp Federal Credit Union

    Unicorp Federal Credit Union is located in Lake County, Indiana and was founded in 1940. As a member-owned financial institution, we are dedicated to providing our members with the finest financial service at the lowest possible cost.


    CHICAGO, ILL (May 4, 2005) – Doris Day, one of the greatest box-office names in motion picture history, made her television debut in The Doris Day Show, to be released by MPI Home Video on DVD on June 28, 2005. This heart-warming comedy series originally ran for five successful years on CBS-TV from 1968-1973. The boxed set includes all 28 original episodes and rare, never-before-seen bonus material. The Doris Day Show Season 1 features Day as Doris Martin, a widowed mother who has left the city to raise her two young sons on the Mill Valley, California farm of her father Buck, played by Denver Pyle (The Dukes of Hazzard). James Hampton (F-Troop) portrays hired hand Leroy B. Simpson. The series also stars Philip Brown and Tod Starke as sons Billy and Toby; and, Naomi Stevens as Juanita, the Martin’s housekeeper. Like many programs during its time, The Doris Day Show also included a variety of popular guest stars in recurring roles. A singer, dancer and actress, Day’s first film role was in Romance on the High Seas (1948). She starred in more than 40 movies with the day’s leading men, including Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, and Frank Sinatra. In 1968, she made her final film, With Six You Get Eggroll. Among the numerous accolades she’s received, Day was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress (Pillow Talk, 1959). In 1989, Clint Eastwood presented her with The Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement at the annual Golden Globe ceremony. In 2004, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award, the nation's highest civilian award that recognizes exceptional meritorious service. Day has been active for many years in animal rights causes. She currently presides over the Doris Day Animal Foundation and the Doris Day Animal League. The Doris Day Show Season 1 contains all 28 complete episodes from the 1968-69 season, plus a wealth of rare and new bonus features, including: Doris Day on What's My Line?; interviews with actors Philip Brown and James Hampton; A Word from Doris Day; Season 2 preview; Doris Day movie trailers and a photo gallery. The Doris Day Show, Season 1 will be available June 28, 2005 through local retailers. Customers can also order directly from MPI by calling 1-800-323-0442 (9am to 5pm, CST, Monday through Friday). Artwork, photos and review copies are available from MPI by request. MPI Home Video is a subsidiary of the MPI Media Group. Formed in 1976, MPI Media Group is a leading independent producer and distributor which creates original programming for distribution in broadcast/cable venues; the home video and educational markets; and, the WPA Film Library, one of the largest commercial film archives in the United States.

    Potentia Consulting

    Potentia Consulting helps clients create and sustain a Culture of Execution. Companies today are increasingly challenged to translate future aspirations, goals, and opportunities into reality now. What worked before is no longer sufficient to achieve results beyond tomorrow. Building organizational discipline and capability to consistently and reliably create future value, with the same or fewer resources than before, is the next significant challenge for these companies.

    Innovative Disability Solutions

    IDS provides experienced licensed practitioners who facilitate the timely movement through the continuum of care, from acute inpatient care through the intermediate and rehabilitation levels of care, as appropriate to the patient's need. The focus is on quality and cost effectiveness, to stretch the benefit dollar and ensure the appropriate care is provided.


    Secureone management has over 45 years of experience managing and providing security professionals and services. We provide local, regional, and nationwide coverage from a local office that is ready to meet your needs twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. For your convenience and quick response to your inquires, we maintain a 24 hour service line.

    Credit Recovery Advocates

    Here at Credit Recovery Advocates, we are passionate about helping people like you regain your reputation through credit restoration. We understand that many people have been victims of identity theft, credit reporting errors and/or misfortune. All of these can contribute to lowering your credit scores, and damaging your ability to live life simply and effortlessly.

    American Sale

    In today’s world, with the busy lifestyle we all lead, we at American Sale realize that your time is very valuable. We also realize that everyone’s needs and wants are different. Since 1960, American Sale has strived to fill our stores with products that are exciting and fun. When you visit one of our stores, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for and more.

    Mona's Treasure Chest

    Mona's Treasure Chest specializes in distinctive home decorations, decor accessories, lawn and garden accents, office decor, country kitchen decoration, and affordable fine art sculptures. Shop for that perfect home decorator accent piece, or browse for that special gift on your list. We offer great and unique gift ideas. Enjoy the Treasure Chest!

    Valley Inn Catering

    The Valley Inn started out as a neighborhood bar in 1938 and has been owned and operated by the Ristucci family since 1972. They have been providing quality food and service for the past 30+ years. Orders can be placed over the phone with no deposit necessary.

    America's Partners

    Americas Partners is a commercial real estate development and venture capital firm that has been involved in a wide range of transactions in excess of $1 billion since 1981. Development projects include Americas Tower, a 50-story, 1,000,000 square foot blockfront office tower at Avenue of the Americas between 45th and 46th Streets, World Headquarters to Price Waterhouse & Co.; The Crown Building, a 330,000 square foot, 26-story building at 730 Fifth Avenue, opposite Tiffany’s at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street; and, Herald Center, a 300,000 square foot shopping center, opposite Macy’s at 34th Street and Broadway.

    Chicago Lighting

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chicago Lighting, we are one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers' representatives in the Chicago area. For over 30, years we've brought you the highest quality and most innovative solutions to your lighting application needs. Whatever your requirements may be, Chicago Lighting has a large basket of leading brand names in its products portfolio, plus an experienced staff to assist you with your project. From Thomas Lighting's family of well known brand names to Widelite, Cathode Lighting Systems, Manning and a full complement of dimming and control systems, it's here for you.


    AeroCare is a nationally recognized provider of quality Air Ambulance Services throughout the world. Our commitment to excellence is achieved by combining highly trained medical personnel and state-of-the-art equipment with highly trained Flight Crews and well maintained aircraft. Air Ambulance Services capabilities are supported by our 24 hour Flight Coordination Center staffed by air ambulance specialists. Our Flight Coordinator's specialize in assisting our customers in all aspects to insure a smooth, safe, and efficient transfer of the patient.

    Bob Jass Chevrolet

    Test drive over 150 of today's hottest vehicles! Looking into going to the Chicago Auto Show? Before you go, stop in and see us about getting free tickets. At Autoshow in Motion, you can get behind the wheel of GM's new cars, trucks and SUV; them take a spin the competition's vehicles. This is your chance to take General Motors hottest products off the closed courses and onto the local streets.

    Palm Gardens Banquet Hall

    Palm Gardens Banquet Hall provides its clients with exquisite food and excellent service as one of South Florida's newest full-service caterers. Palm Gardens Banquet Hall has a well-trained staff that is committed to insuring memorable events and creating a superlative reputation for overall service. Each event is uniquely designed, promising a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests. Thorough consultation is the initial manner in which our staff leads you through every aspect of event planning. As your personal advisor, Palm Gardens Banquet Hall can also suggest how to make full use of the resources at hand while adhering to your budget.

    Food and Beverage Financing

    Food and Beverage Financing.com processes business in all 50 states. We provide restaurant financing to businesses that are unable or unwilling to use a conventional source of funding. We invest in your business by purchasing your future MC/VISA sales.

    New Cars Lowest Price

    Our Professional Car Buyers will help you get the Absolute LOWEST PRICE! Lower than wholesale, Lower than fleet, even hundreds to thousands of dollars Lower than dealer invoice cost based on factory to dealer hidden rebates...Money-Back Guaranteed! Get Factory Options at dealer invoice cost and save hundreds to thousands of dollars. Avoid all retail car salesmen, including their commissions and save another $300 to $800 dollars.

    B Nelson Shoes

    Welcome to the world of high-grade shoe repair, where B. Nelson Shoes has combined old-world craftsmanship with new world technology. The result of our work allows you to care for and maintain your footwear the way the original master craftsman intended, without leaving your home or office.

    K Gourmet Teas

    K Gourmet Teas features a refreshing selection of the finest gourmet loose leaf teas available. Our Bodum tea products include tea presses, tea warmers, travel mugs, electric kettles, and infusers. We also have other tea accessories such as teapots, strainers, and filters. Exciting information on the health benefits of tea. Find out why it's healthy to drink more tea!

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