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Features AppsTel Telephone System

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Optional Reports

  • Availability/Time Clock - the system compares the time users are signed in with their schedule. Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports are available; reports can be broken down by users, departments or total company. Finger Print or Key Phob sign-in is available.
  • Usage - Shows the number of hours users have used the phone.
  • Who's Calling - The AppsTel Call Capture Feature is tied to one of the World’s leading providers of phone capture information. All un-identified numbers are transmitted to the data center and within seconds this information is sent back to the CRM along with the normal call log information. (Date, who answered the call, and beginning and ending times of the call). The AppsTel System also provides reports on un-identified calls.
  • Sale Tracker - Tracks income calls by number. This allows users to assign specific business phone numbers to advertisements and track number of incoming calls. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports are available; these reports display number of calls, times, dates and callers names when available. This information can be handed back to CRM applications for cross referencing sales and tracking advertising dollars. The system can also export CSV files via the web interface.
  • Call Details - this report shows the number of dropped calls with the time they were on hold. Hold times on all calls with averages by users and departments. Percentages for calls send to voicemail v.s. answered calls by users and department.
  • Voice Mail Usage - this report shows the number of time users check voice mail, the average time voice mail stays in system before being retrieved, and the number of voicemail messages in each users box at the time the report is run.
  • Billing Reports - these reports are available in Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports broken down by users, departments or total company.
  • Global Report - allows administrators to set up a custom report incorporating any or all of listed reports. This allows Administrators to quickly run their favorite reports in minutes.


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VoIP Telephone System for CRM Applications Integration

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