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Features AppsTel Telephone System

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Advanced Features 

  • WiFi – Cell phones and portable phones with wireless capability can be connected through the phone system, placing calls on the LAN lines.
  • Programmable buttons Phone feature buttons can me programmed with most options listed.  
  • VoIP enabled VoIP enabled system SIP compatible.  
  • Remote location capability Remote office can use the same system allowing call transfer, paging, and call forward all as if the users were located in the same location. (Restrictions on E-911)
  • Web Directories – the web enabled system allow users to lookup general information via a web browser, extension numbers, schedules, etc. (some customization may be necessary at an additional cost).   
  • Targeted hold music - MP3 recordings can be added to the system.
  • Voice Mail Groups – Allows incoming messages to a department to be distributed to 1 or many people. 
  • Directory Listings – Allows callers to Search for people by name.
  • Night Service - Separate night menus with hour’s settings per day.
  • Data Pull Settings - XML exports of call logs.
  • Conference calls – The system has 2 setups for conference calls;
    • Incoming calls - can be transferred to an extension. An unlimited amount of callers can be added to 1 conference. The quality of the calls is not diminished.
    • DID Number Conference – This allows you to setup a dedicated number. You can setup mutable rooms with passwords. Callers will be prompted for a room number and password to enter the conference.
  • Password login - Password can be setup so each person needs to type in a password before using a phone. Reports can be generated to view usage.
  • VoIP Mobility - We can ring any number of phones external or internal simultaneously, the phone that pickups first gets the call. This is useful if you want your cell to ring when a call is transferred to your extension while you are out. This feature is also nice for after hour’s tech support - we use it here. If a support call comes in it rings on the phones of three people who are on call at one time. 

AppsTel used as VoIP Converter System:

VoIP Telephone System for CRM Applications Integration

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